Few things can cause more damage to your home or business than the hidden water line leak. If it’s inside the home and is very slow you may not notice it at all until you start finding a lot of rotten wood and mold and mildew growing. If it’s outside the home it could be anywhere and you could be watering the lawn and not knowing it 24 hours a day seven days a week and it will be reflected on high water bills. Sooner or later you’ll get enough erosion to calls a lot of damage. Call our plumbing service, RS Andrews, to detect and repair water line leaks today.

24/7 Emergency Leak Repairs

Our plumbers are on call day and night to rush to your aid. If the leak has been discovered and cannot hold off on repairs because of potential damage the structure and hazard to your family, then call RS Andrews plumbing now. Our team to services the Dunwoody, GA area is on call for your convenience.

Uses an electronic device to determine the exact location of the water line. It will also help in locating a water leak that is located behind a wall or under a slab. Locating the proximity of the leak can have a dramatic impact on the final cost of repair. That’s why you want to expert technician, one with years of plumbing experience, to service your situation.