Water Heater: Repairs, Installation Tankless in Dunwoody Georgia

Dunwoody Water Heaters
Dunwoody Water Heater

Has Your Water Heater Started Leaking? Does It Keep Up With Your Hot Water Demands? Want to Lower Your Natural Gas Bills?

If your Dunwoody water heater is not working or has begun leaking, you should look into a more energy efficient, fast recovery tank water heater or one of the new tankless units that provide endless amounts of hot water on demand.

Dunwoody Water Heaters: Repair or Replace with a New Installation?

Having to repair or replace a Dunwoody water heater is not high on the list of things a homeowner likes to spend their time or money on. In fact it probably ranks down there with cleaning out the gutters or putting on a new roof. Regardless, it still needs to be done from time to time.

But is replacing a water heater the best thing to do? And if it is, what kind of water heater should I get for my Dunwoody residential and commercial structure? Which is the cheapest path? How much will it cost me over the next 10 years? All these questions and more pop up when mulling over the water heater issue. This article hopes to help guide the homeowner a bit in making a more informed decision.

Water Heater Dunwoody

Water Heater Repair or Replace

The first step once your Dunwoody water heater starts to leak is to repair it our replace it. A good rule of thumb is if it isn’t gas and it’s more than 10 years old then replace it. The costs of operating a non-gas heater or one that is older than 10 years will outweigh the costs of replacing it over time. Additionally, some heaters will qualify for rebates or tax credits, which can also cover installation costs.

If your water heater is younger than 10 years and also a gas heater, then repairing it might be a good option. Although some things around the house can be done by the homeowner, things like gas water heaters might be better left to the professionals. So call a Dunwoody plumber. Get an estimate, then call another and get a second opinion. Compare that with the cost of replacing one, and see which the better route is.

Dunwoody Tankless Water Heater

If you have decided to replace your water heater or the bill to repair your current water heater is high and you are on the fence, consider a tankless water heater. Instead of storing 40 or 50 gallons of water and trying to keep it hot all day and all night, a tankless water heater only heats the water as it is used. Water goes through a pipe that winds back and forth in the heat exchanger inside the tankless water heater, reaching the desired level rather quickly. It takes all of an extra 10 seconds or so for hot water to reach the tap.

Because the water is being heated at that moment, the household will never experience the dreaded running out of hot water like conventional Dunwoody water heaters often do. Plus they can save money, costing an estimated 30% less to operate compared to a conventional gas water heater. Plus, they can operate for around 25 years or so before needing to be replaced compared with the approximately 10 year life span of a conventional water heater

Whether you ultimately decide to repair or replace your water heater and if you go with a Dunwoody tankless water heater or something more conventional, the choice is yours. Keep in mind the costs over time compared with the upfront costs. Hopefully the choice you make is one that you won’t have to revisit in 5 years.